This eighth edition of the MATLAB R Primer highlights the new features of MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a), and expands on many existing features.
Practical image and video processing using MATLAB
This book provides a practical introduction to the most important topics in image and video processing, using MATLAB (and its Image Processing Toolbox) as a tool to demonstrate relevant techniques and algorithms. The word Practical in its title is not meant to suggest a coverage of all the latest consumer electronics products in these fields; this knowledge would be superficial at best and would be obsolete shortly after (or even before!) the publication of the book. The word Practical should rather be interpreted in the sense of “enabling the reader student to develop practical projects, that is, working prototypes, using the knowledge gained from the book.” It also has other implications, such as the adoption of a “just enough math” philosophy, which favors the computational, algorithmic, and conceptual aspects of the techniques described along the book, over excessive mathematical formalism. As a result, the book should appeal not only to its original target audience when used as a textbook (namely, upper-level undergraduate and early graduate students in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and related courses) but also to researchers and practitioners who have access to MATLAB, solid computing programming skills, and want to teach themselves the fundamentals of image and video processing.
Веб-технологии для математика: основы MathML
Руководство содержит рекомендации по подготовке математических текстов для публикаций в электронной форме с использованием языка MathML. Описаны технология MathML и программные средства, позволяющие конвертировать в MathML документы, подготовленные с помощью имеющихся стандартных технологий (MathML, Mathematica, Maple, Word).
Programming Finite Elements in Java
This book focuses on algorithms of the finite element method and their programming. First, general equations of the finite element method for solving solid mechanics and thermal conductivity problems are introduced. Then, algorithms of the finite element method and their programming in Java are considered. In addition to solution methods, the book presents algorithms and programming approaches for mesh generation and visualization.
Алгоритмы вокруг нас
Книга посвящена важнейшему разделу современной прикладной математики - теории алгоритмов. Рассматриваются ее наиболее важные приложения в области электронных вычислительных машин, программирования, автоматизации процессов управления.