Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics
The material in this book covers fundamental topics in classical physics and provides an introduction to modern physics. The book is divided into six parts. Part 1 (Chapters 1 to 14) deals with the fundamentals of Newtonian mechanics and the physics of fluids; Part 2 (Chapters 15 to 18) covers oscillations, mechanical waves, and sound; Part 3 (Chapters 19 to 22) addresses heat and thermodynamics; Part 4 (Chapters 23 to 34) treats electricity and magnetism; Part 5 (Chapters 35 to 38) covers light and optics; and Part 6 (Chapters 39 to 46) deals with relativity and modern physics.
Modern physics
This textbook is meant to serve a first course in modern physics, including relativity, quantum mechanics, and their applications. Such a course often follows the standard introductory course in calculus-based classical physics. The course addresses two different audiences: (1) Physics majors, who will later take a more rigorous course in quantum mechanics, find an introductory modern course helpful in providing background for the rigors of their imminent coursework in classical mechanics, thermodynamics, and electromagnetism. (2) Nonmajors, who may take no additional physics class, find an increasing need for concepts from modern physics in their disciplines—a classical introductory course is not sufficient background for chemists, computer scientists, nuclear and electrical engineers, or molecular biologists.
Liquid Crystal Displays: Fundamental Physics and Technology
The liquid crystal display (LCD) has become the principal modern medium for visual information and image appreciation. It is now a pervasive and increasingly indispensable part of our everyday lives. Apart from its utility, this marvelous device relies on a science and technology that I believe makes the device all the more attractive and interesting. This book is organized to highlight the basic physics, chemistry, and technology behind this intriguing product, and while describing the LCD, I attempt to provide some insight into that physics, chemistry, and technology. I believe that the history of the development of the LCD is equally intriguing, and thus I make excursions into tales of the principal contributors and their achievements and thinking in their research. Finally, the allure of liquid crystal television has made it a coveted symbol of modern life worldwide, and so apart from the technical descriptions, I also describe how the LCD business has become a global enterprise.
Solar cells and their applications
In summary, this book describes today’s baseline planar solar cell power systems as well as innovations in high-efficiency solar cells and concentrated sunlight systems that have occurred in the last 15 years, which now promise lower cost electricity competitive with other mainstream electric power sources. In addition to describing these technical breakthroughs in clear and simple terms, this book also describes the path from research breakthrough to high-volume production, emphasizing the cooperation required between government and private enterprise. Given this cooperation, solar cells can be a major contributor to the electric power production mix within the next 10 years.
Physics is intended for a two-semester college course in introductory physics using algebra and trigonometry. Our main goals in writing this book are - to present the basic concepts of physics that students need to know for later courses and future careers, - to emphasize that physics is a tool for understanding the real world, and - to teach transferable problem-solving skills that students can use throughout their lives. We have kept these goals in mind while developing the main themes of the book.
The manga guide to electricity
манга об электричестве
Занимательные опыты. Электричество и магнетизм.
перевод оригинального американского издания "Awesome Experiments in Electricity and Magnetism" опубликованного в 1998 г. издательством "Slerling Publishing Company, Inc."
Фейнмановские лекции по гравитации
Предлагаемые лекции Р. Фейнмана по гравитации удачно сочетают оригинальный и яркий педагогический подход автора и точный отбор материала, который позволил кратко изложить основы теории гравитации с теоретико-полевой точки зрения.
Вечный двигатель – прежде и теперь
В популярной форме рассказывается об истории вечного двигателя от первых попыток его создания до современных «изобретений». Раскрывается значение для энергетики двух фундаментальных законов – первого и второго начал термодинамики. Показана бесполезность попыток обойти эти законы независимо от сложности предлагаемых для этого устройств.
Атомы и электроны
Новое издание первой части популярной книги известного советского физика и популяризатора науки М.П. Бронштейна, выходившей в 1935 г. В ней рассказывается о развитии науки, о том, как впервые измерили массы атомов и их размеры, какие работы и опыты привели к открытию электронов и выяснению строения атомов. Книга относится к числу лучших образцов научно-популярных изданий прошлого.