The C++ programming language

авторBjarne Stroustrup
издательPearson Education
год издания2013
This book is aimed at three audiences: • C++ programmers who want to know what the latest ISO C++ standard has to offer, • C programmers who wonder what C++ provides beyond C, and • People with a background in application languages, such as Java, C#, Python, and Ruby, looking for something ‘‘closer to the machine’’ – something more flexible, something offering better compile-time checking, or something offering better performance. Naturally, these three groups are not disjoint – a professional software developer masters more than just one programming language. This book assumes that its readers are programmers. If you ask, ‘‘What’s a for-loop?’’ or ‘‘What’s a compiler?’’ then this book is not (yet) for you; instead, I recommend my Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ to get started with programming and C++. Furthermore, I assume that readers have some maturity as software developers. If you ask ‘‘Why bother testing?’’ or say, ‘‘All languages are basically the same; just show me the syntax’’ or are confident that there is a single language that is ideal for every task, this is not the book for you.